Pay Per Click

PPC is a vibrant online advertising model for attracting traffic to a website. With planned PPC, the website can see an instantaneous traffic increase. PPC is a very balanced way to increase the traffic; a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement is shown in the SERPS when a related query is made. The merchant has to pay a minimum fee every time it receives a click on their Ad.

The key to a proficient PPC service is to a device the best PPC module and to find the most relevant keywords. The rivalry in PPC is ever increasing, with more and more merchants bidding on keywords worldwide. The role a Pay Per Click (PPC) expert is to create an exclusive module for PPC that has high relevance and assures maximum ROI.

The team of Pay Per Click (PPC) experts in Prarthana Associates Pvt. Ltd. creates client-specific PPC campaigns, which help the merchant to create a center of attention more relevant traffic. We make sure that our clients are not only receiving visitors but also a far above the ground conversion rate of customers for highest ROI.

Service Deliverables
  • Committed campaign management team with meetings as desirable to discuss recommendation and changes to the keyword set, bid amounts, bid positions, bid rules, ad run schedule, keyword matching options and changes to the daily ad budget.
  • Pay Per Click Service in Udaipur
  • Widespread keyword research, development, and constant analysis.
  • Ad copy research and expert ad copy creation; heavy focus on call-to-action phrases.
  • Continuous A/B ad copy testing and monitoring.
  • Listings in Google Search, display/content and mobile networks.
  • Detailed monthly reporting.
  • Conversion tracking and Google Analytics.
  • Site targeting campaign and mobile ads. (if applicable)
  • Ongoing adjustments and optimization of campaign settings for increased profits and improved ROI.
  • Expand to other networks, if budget allows, such as Bing and social networks.
  • Also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Search Advertising, Paid Search Advertising, Online Advertising.